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Wild Country Xenon HMS Trilock Belay

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The same shape as Wild Country's Xenon HMS Trilock Carabiner, the Wild Country Xenon HMS Trilock Carabiner boasts a pear-shaped geometry, which improves its durability, and weight to strength ratio and features with an internal belay wire for belay duty.
The HMS shape allows enough space for secure rope management, making it perfect as a centre anchor point when multi-pitching and thanks to its auto-locking Tri-Lock mechanism, the Xenon HMS Trilock Carabiner offers enhanced safety.

**Technical Specifications**

- Size: One Size

- Carabiner Size: One size

- Style: Snag-Free

- Type: Tri-Lock

- Color: Blue/Yellow

- Breaking Strength: 24 kN

- Weight: 77 g

- Carabiner Type: Tri-Lock


- Compact pear shape optimised for great handling

- Spacious capacity to manage two clove hitches

- Smooth rope running thanks to generous inner surface areas

- Internal spring belay wire maintains correct orientation while belaying to prevent cross loading

- Snag-free, clean nose design for easy removal

- Tapers towards nose for easy removal of stuck knots

- Weight & strength optimised, I-beam back

- Triple-lock closure

- Large gate opening

- High strength rating

- Closure indicator
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