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Outdoor Sport Climbing Essentials

The best of the bunch for outdoor sport climbing. Funnily enough there is a lot of stuff that will help you sport climb outdoors compared to indoors. Chief of all are s/stick-clips" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Stick Clips to clip the first few quickdraws on a route to prevent a ground fall (not fun) or to bolt-to-bolt a hard project (more fun). Besides that, there are Belay Glasses, which look ridiculous until you try them and thank the Norse gods for their creation, your own set of Quickdraws, a Climbing Guide to avoid having a wobble on the hardest route at the crag, and other essentials like a Single-Rated Rope, Helmets, and Chalk. We also have some special bundles for you to choose from and save some dollar. #rockapeel
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