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Split Tips Sander

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Changing the way we keep our skin intact, the Split Tips Sander boasts an intelligent wedge system, that allows the pre-installed sand-paper to be easily changed, whether you have a different preference in grit type, or need to freshen it up after too much use.
Offering life-long use, versatility, and sustainability, the Split Tips Sander is the perfect choice for anyone who knows the importance of their skin's condition, and is tired of blasting through other sub-par skin-sanding products. With its curved end, the Split Tips Sander allows you to reach those hard-to-care-for creases, folds, and bunches on your hands, whilst its sizable shape offers you the platform to apply pressure along the whole length of the sander, removing skin as needed.
Manufactured using a high-quality Birch Plywood in South Wales, the Split Tips Sander is an essential for anyone committed to the cause, pushing their grade boundary or tight-rope-walking the line between flash or flop.


- Pre-installed with 120 grit sandpaper.
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