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Lattice Heavy Roller

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The Lattice Heavy Roller is a wrist training tool that uses an offset loading mechanism to enhance grip strength. By squeezing the device and flexing or extending the wrist against the direction of spin, you can maintain your grip during a lift. This high torque generated at low loads targets either your wrist extensor or flexor muscles without putting stress on the shoulders. It is an ideal training tool for climbers looking to safely maximise their grip strength gains.


 - 60mm diameter grip: researched and tested to be the most effective size for wrist training. 
 - Cord & extra wide wrap zones allow for a neutral wrist position when loading.
 - Simply spin the device around to switch your focus from flexor to extensor.
 - Extra wide to accommodate larger hands.
 - Grippy black powder-coated finish.
 - Mild Steel Construction.
 - Spacer Bar for stability in use.
 - Carabiner-friendly attachment point.

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