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Climbing Technology Cric

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Designed for mountaineering, rope access work, and rescue operations, the Climbing Technology Cric features an integrated pulley and is multifunctional. It is built to last, practical to use, and easy to operate, with four modes of operation that include ascender, pulley, rope clamp/pulley, and progress-capture hauling pulley.


-Versatility, compact size, and ease of use increase the speed at which you can perform rope manoeuvres 
- Allows ascending of the rope in accodrance with  EN 567 / EN 12841-B standards (ascender mode)
- Can be used as a simple pulley for listing or transferring loads in accordance with the EN 12278 standard (pulley mode);
- Integrated ball-bearing sheave can be used as a simple redirect to make it easier to ascent the rope or lift a person without the aid of additional connectors (rope clamp/pulley mode)
- Allows direct lifting of a load, creation of hauling systems, and the rescue or self rescue of a person  (progress-capture hauling pulley mode)
- When used in pulley mode teh rope is free to move in both directions
- In hauling-pulley mode, the rope runs in one direction and is locked in the opposite direction
- When used in progress-capture hauling pulley mode, it is possible to lower the lifted load by using the dedicated cord connected to the cam within the device
- Easy opening via an intuitive release button makes the device easy to install on a rope, even when you're wearing gloves or in cold/difficult conditions
- Equipped with a steel cam featuring teeth that minimise rope wear but are efficient at blocking the rope
- Two slots on the cam reduce the buildup of dirt - essential when use in difficult terrain (eg: frozen or muddy rope)

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