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Black Diamond Eco Gold Chalk - Honnold Edition - 540g

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If Alex Honnold relies on anything, it's high-quality chalk, and with the Eco Gold Chalk - Honnold Edition, Black Diamond has partnered with the Honnold Foundation.
Made with pure magnesium carbonate which is the by product of the desalination process, as opposed to being mined from the earth like typical climbing chalk, ECO Gold is purer and eco-friendlier than other chalk products on the market.
Easy on the environment and easy on your hands, the Black Diamond Eco Gold Chalk is ultra-absorbant, offering excellent drying power and effectively enhancing your grip.
A percentage of every bag sold goes towards the Honnold Foundation, which supports solar energy for a more equitable world.


- Pure magnesium carbonate offers superior drying power, enhancing grip

- Environmentally friendly

- A percentage of proceeds supports the Honnold Foundation

- Sold in a 514 g bag, because that’s the grade Honnold loves most

- 514g

**Technical Specifications**

- Display Weight - 514g
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