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Black Diamond Crack Gloves

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Introducing the Black Diamond Crack glove. The days of burning through a never-ending role of tape are now over. The Crack Glove, whilst trying to emulate tape in as many ways as possible, offers you a far easier option when you just cant wait to get arm deep and into that next bomber jam.
Utilizing synthetic suede for paramount abrasion resistance and breathability, paired with 3D patterning that gives an articulated fit. The BD Crack Glove boasts a thickness of less than 1mm, providing the perfect balance of protection, dexterity, and grip. The 0.6mm rubber adhesive film is set into a molded depression making the transition from suede to rubber absolute.
Keeping the glove solid, a Hypalon strap secures a thin, low-profile closure, assured and strong when jamming, and tucked away enough to not get snagged when moving from hold to hold.
Being white, the crack gloves colour reduces heat uptake, therefor performs well during mega- cracks in the oppressing desert sun, all whilst mimicking classic tape glove construction for a superior fit. Designed with a flat stitched pattern to reduce bulk and provide exaggerated comfort, the Crack Glove gives your skin that little layer of help sometimes needed to push the next move.
Engineered to surpass the ease of tape, whilst providing far superior comfort and efficiency. The Black Diamond Crack Glove is the perfect tool to aid your crack climbing, whether your out in the sticks, or at the gym preparing for your next nemesis.

**Technical Specifications**

- Synthetic suede for maximum abrasion resistance and breathability.

- 3D patterning gives an articulated fit.

- Rubber adhesive film.

- 0.6mm thickness for balance of protection, dexterity, and grip.

- Hypalon strap for a thin, low profile strong closure.

- Flat stitched patterning to reduce bulk and increase comfort.

- White color to reduce heat uptake in the desert sun.

- Available in 3 sizes.

- 32.8g per pair.
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