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VOOM Pocket Rocket Electro Bar

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Each bite of this powerful energy bar packs a punch, providing 47g of carbohydrates and 176kcal. The innovative 4 block design not only enhances stomach comfort but also allows you to control and gradually dose the energy intake. With 120mg of full spectrum electrolytes, your hydration levels are quickly replenished, and muscle cramps are effectively combated. Feel the reduction in tiredness and fatigue with the added B vitamins. Enjoy the zesty lemon and lime flavor, derived from freeze-dried fruit. Unlock your full potential and conquer any challenge with the Electro Energy bar.

- Packed with 47g of carbohydrates and 176kcal, this solid energy bar provides a substantial boost.
- Experience the unique 4 block design, crafted to enhance stomach comfort by allowing you to dose energy gradually.
- With 120mg of full spectrum electrolytes, hydration is accelerated, and muscle cramps are effectively fought off.
- Enjoy the added benefit of B vitamins, which actively contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue.
- Indulge in the refreshing lemon and lime flavor derived from freeze-dried fruit.
- Stay energized and perform at your peak for longer periods with our Electro Energy bar.
- Experience the convenience of consuming all the power you need for one hour in just four bites.
- Rest assured with our batch tested Drug Free Sport certification, ensuring a clean and trusted product.

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