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Tindeq Progressor 200

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The Tindeq Progressor 200 is a futuristic bit of kit, allowing you to track each and every newton of force you're pulling. This neat little gadget attaches to your portable hangboard, and connects to an app on your phone which will track your rate of force development, and peak force for all your finger strength needs. You can also attach it to another implement and track your isometric pulls.

Encased in a durable and lightweight ABS enclosure, the Progressor is chargable with a USB C port. If you're a tech genius, you can get in to Tindeq's open source API to collect your data in any way you see fit with your preferred coding language. 

Technical Specifications:

- Sampling Frequency: 80Hz
- Design Load: 2000 N (200 kg) (Full Scale)
- Safe Overload: 120% Full Scale
- Limit Overload: 150% Full Scale
- Precision: 0.25% Full Scale
- Non-linearity: 0.1% Full Scale
- Repeatability: 0.1% Full Scale
- Hysteresis: 0.1% Full Scale

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