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Petzl Djinn Axess 12cm Quickdraw 6 Pack

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The Petzl Djinn 12cm Quickdraw 6 pack unsurprisingly contains 6 of the Djinn quickdraws equipped with one bent gate and one straight gate carabiner each. The Djinn carabiners have a larger size and a very ergonomic feel to them providing a really ease of use either with or without gloves on. The larger size also means there is a greater gate opening making rope clipping a cinch. The top biner is a straight gate which uses a keylock system and a unique nose shape to reduce snagging on anchors. The bottom biner is a bent gate which is held in place with a rubber grommet, the shape and stability allow rope clipping to be as simple as possible.



  • The carabiners have a wide contact surface with the rope and bolt hanger for better rope glide and increased resistance to wear
  • Durable sling with STRING to protect the webbing from abrasion
  • Excellent ratio between functionality, durability, and weight: 11 cm quickdraw weighs 103 g
  • Large carabiners suited to bigger hands or for use while wearing gloves
  • Carabiners feature the Keylock system, designed to avoid snagging on a gear loop, anchor, or rope
  • Straight gate design offers an excellent grip and makes clipping and unclipping easier
  • Large straight gate opening makes the carabiner easy to use 
  • The Bent gate makes clipping the rope easier
  • The Flat carabiner spine provides stability when holding it in your hand or pinch-clipping
  • STRING quickdraw sling protector stabilises the carabiner when clipping

Technical Specifications:

  • Major axis strength: 23kN
  • Minor axis strength: 8kN
  • Open gate strength: 9kN
  • Gate opening: 24mm
  • Bent gate biner opening: 27mm
  • Certifications: CE EN 12275 type B, UIAA, CE EN 566
  • Sling length: 12cm
  • Sling strength: 22kN
  • Weight: 620g
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