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Lattice Triple Twin

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With hang-boarding and home-training becoming more important than ever for a wide-array of climbers, a wooden edge, if used in the right way can literally re-define your climbing ability. Supported by the largest data-base in the climbing industry, Lattice products offer a worldwide-standard of hangboard that can be used to measure your current climbing attributes as-well as determine where and what you need to train in order to improve.
Featuring 3 edges. The Lattice Triple Twin is an adaptable and versatile training tool, perfect for beginners or advanced climbers alike. Its top edge, measuring in at a comfortable 45mm, is great for pull-ups, warm-ups, or beginners venturing into the world of finger training.
The bottom edge is Lattice's benchmark 20mm edge, which can be used in unison with the included finger strength self-assessment. This allows you to measure your maximum force throughout your training session and compare yourself to every other climber lattice has tested. It will identify whether you are physically strong or weak in comparison to your climbing grade in both bouldering and sport climbing, producing a customised personal report for free.
Finally, its top-edge, measuring in at 10mm has enough front radius to provide friction, but not so much that your skin will suffer for it.
Perfect for any level of climber to improve their finger strength and start pushing into the next grade boundary. The Triple Twin by Lattice is the gateway tool that will see you eyeing up lines you never before saw possible.

**Technical Specifications**

- 10mm edge

- 20mm edge

- 45mm edge

**This product is sold as a pair.**
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