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Women's Clothing

Outdoor clothing is designed for women who climb, trail-run, hike, yoga, and train. Our range of women’s climbing clothing is sourced from ethical, responsible brands.

As a company that employs many female climbers, we know how important and difficult it can be to find clothing that fits and makes us feel our best. Therefore we stock a wide range of outdoor-specific clothing to suit your every need. Outdoor clothing is designed to be durable, lightweight, and comfortable. Discover the best Down and Synthetic jackets for staying warm, technical waterproof clothing for keeping you dry as well as a wide range of training and gym clothing for indoor training and warm summer crag days. To our best knowledge, we provide you with the most innovative, ethical, and responsible brands like Patagonia, Rab, Prana, Moon, 3rd Rock, and many more. These brands offer a combination of technical and stylish clothing that feels great to wear.

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