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Tindeq Progressor 200 Testing Bundle

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Tindeq Progressor 200
Tindeq Progressor 200 Testing Bundle




    The Tindeq Progressor 200 has gone down so well that we've decided to make this bundle, giving you 10% off all the essentials you need to start testing using data. Customise your bundle below and add it to your cart to get the discount.

    How does it work?

    Remember Newton meters, those spring-like devices with hooks on either end, from school? The Tindeq is like one of those: pull on it, and it digitally records your pulling force over time.

    Besides peak force (max strength), it gives you data on your forearm's endurance and RFD* (rate of force development). 

    *RFD is a fancy way of saying contact strength. The faster your RFD, the better you are at grabbing holds and quickly reaching your peak force. Peak force is static; RFD is dynamic.

    How will it benefit my climbing and training?

    Measuring peak force, endurance and RFD using real-time force data allows you to better understand where your weaknesses are; in other words, you'll know exactly what to train to improve your climbing grade. (You can also see the difference in performance between your left and right arms and focus on the weakness of each.)

    There's no need for complicated setups with pulleys and weights. All you need is everything in this bundle, plus a smartphone, and something sturdy to hang everything off, to 
    start measuring. 


    • The bundle contains a Tindeq Progressor 200, two Penta portable fingerboards with a range of edge sizes, a 30 or 60cm sling and two Litewire carabiners of your choice of colour — everything you need to start using data to track your finger strength
    • The Tindeq app's live force graphs and data tracking do all the hard work for you and give you simple, easy-to-digest results
    • In-app tests include peak load, endurance and rate of force development (RFD), allowing you to tailor your training to your specific needs
    • Test at home, the gym, the crag or anywhere else you choose, there's no need for bulky fingerboards or specialised equipment

    PLEASE NOTE: we will accept a return only for all items in this bundle, not for single items.


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