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Climbing Technology Tuner Y

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Built for mountaineering and rock climbing, the Climbing Technology Tuner Y is designed to secure yourself to the belay anchor, adjust your position while there, and abseil.


- Adjustable arm 15 to 105 cm long, fixed arm 25 cm long;

- Quick and precise adjustment of the user’s distance from the anchor, thanks to the design of the device (Patent Pending);

- The release of the lanyard is intuitive and easy even under load, by holding the device with one hand only and using the release button;

- The fixed arm can be used for the connection of the descender when abseiling;

- The functioning of the device is independent from the shape of the carabiner in use;

- Made from dynamic rope, to reduce the shock transmitted to the user in the event of a fall;

- It comes equipped with the OVX carabiner, which boasts a compact size, and FIX-O ring, which avoids the rotation of the carabiner and the loading along the minor axis;

- It can be connected to the belay loop on the harness via a girth hitch.
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