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Climbing Technology Joy

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Ideal for young female climbers under 145 cm in height and weighing more than 30 kg, the Climbing Technology Joy is a top-of-the-line seat harness for mountaineering and rock climbing. Featuring a fully adjustable design, it provides a secure and comfortable fit that will accommodate the girl's growth and evolving climbing needs over time. With the Climbing Technology Joy, young climbers can safely and confidently pursue their passion for climbing.


- This harness features three adjustment buckles that make it easy to fit to any girl's body type and accommodate seasonal clothing variations.
- Its ergonomic waistbelt construction provides excellent lumbar support and comfort for long climbs.
- The easy-sliding waistbelt ensures optimal centering of the belay loop and a wide range of adjustments for maximum comfort.
- With a breathable and quick-drying mesh lining, this harness keeps you comfortable and sweat-free during intense climbs.
- The leg-loop design and construction offer a balanced load distribution during suspension, reducing discomfort and fatigue.
- A bright fluo yellow belay loop makes it easy to identify and reduces the risk of incorrect use.
- A wear indicator on the lower tie-in point helps determine when the harness needs to be replaced.
- This harness also includes two large gear loops and a rear loop for your chalk bag, providing ample space for essential equipment.

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